2019 Primary Election Democratic Candidates

2019 Derry Township Primary Election Ballot

DTDC Endorsed Candidates

Derry Township Supervisor

Chuck Duncan

Derry Township School Board

Donna Cronin
Lindsay Drew
Kathy Sicher

Dauphin County Commissioner

George Hartwick
Diane Bowman

Dauphin County Row Offices

Cole Goodman (Recorder of Deeds)
Brad Koplinski (Clerk of Courts)
Bridget Whitley (Register of Wills)
Tim Butler (Treasurer)

Candidate Information (all information as provided exactly by candidates)

Derry Township Supervisor

Chuck Duncan (DTDC Endorsed Candidate)

Derry Township School Board

Lindsay Drew (DTDC Endorsed Candidate)

Home Photo

Email: info@citizensforduncan.com

Phone: (717) 461-3375


Email: LKDrew2017@gmail.com

Phone: (717) 319-0600

Cliff Myers

Kathy Sicher (DTDC Endorsed Candidate)

Cliff Myers

Email: mangomoos@aol.com

Phone: (717) 514 9275

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 8.19.27 PM - Kathy Sicher

Email: kathysicher@comcast.net

Phone: (717) 215-8622

Skip Becker

Skip Becker

Email: Skipb44@comcast.net

Phone: (717) 649-4448

Dauphin County Offices

Dauphin County Commissioner

Diane Bowman (DTDC Endorsed Candidate)

Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphans' Court

Bridget M. Whitley, Esq. (DTDC Endorsed Candidate)


Email: dabowoman@gmail.com

Phone: (717) 238-4672


Email: bridg830@aol.com

Phone: (717) 657-2667