Help more Democrats get elected to office by volunteering with us!

The opportunity to effect change begins with each one of us.

It is no secret we are living in unsettled times. As we navigate the pandemic’s impact on our daily lives, we continue to witness relentless efforts which threaten to alter the very fabric of our democracy.

We believe every election year is important, but 2022's elections will significantly either support or hinder our ability to combat these attacks over the next few years. Without a Democratic Governor in office, a Republican-led General Assembly will have unchecked power to advance their efforts to limit our rights. Additionally, with a fragile majority in the United States Senate, all eyes are on Pennsylvania to see who will replace Republican Senator Pat Toomey. The protection of our values is our responsibility as voters.

As the Derry Township Democratic Committee, we are committed to outreach and voter education. We don’t want to just be another flyer in your mailbox before the next election. We want to build relationships with all voters to ensure we have Township Supervisors, State and Federal Representatives and Senators, and a Derry Township School Board who reflect our Democratic values.

To do this, we need your help. Ready to get involved?

Whatever your schedule, availability, and comfort level, we can match the right opportunity for you! If you’re hesitant to say yes because you’ve never been involved before, please don’t be! You will be guided and trained by experienced like-minded fellow Democrats right here in Derry Township who have participated in prior elections and are eager to grow our network. With all hands on deck, we, the local Democratic party, can build a well-informed electorate and make sure that we are represented in Derry Township by local elected officials who have our best interests at the forefront of their service.

Please complete the Volunteer Interest Form below. Someone from the DTDC will be in touch shortly!